Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year again!

Ya, sure it's another new year.
So, seemed like as usual everyone look back as history, and look front for hope and wishes.  Lots of fireworks, wishes, shows, discounts, more visions and missions and many more.
Guess that's the way people celebrate new year every time! A bit bored but that's how it is life on earth for us. Anyone has better suggestions, out there?
As for me, I watched movies and stuck at home until the morning, alone, Well, not exactly, my 2nd watched with me, the 3rd sleeping and the eldest some where watching fireworks and sms me.  As for the partner, sleeping ahead for the next day cycling, with friends.  Guess if this is going to go on every year, I might as well go some where else to enjoy than to wait at home. Lost my mood of doing any thing when think of that.

Hey! Those of you out there who are having families, do spent time with your family and not friends unless you don't have any better thing to do at all and are alone.  Time like this are meant to spent with members of family and not others.  Who will take care of you all the time if not the members of family.  Your friends can only visit you and may be a better one might take care you for some times but not all the time, right!  So wake up and see who are waiting to spent time with you during festive seasons.  Leaving them and enjoying yourself out there with the others makes them sick and will plan for something else the next time.

Looks like this very new year I am not satisfied with the outcome even though it's different with the usual doing.  How many of you with families are doing that?  And what do you expect your family members to do, waiting for you at home while you having fun out there!
Ya, sure I got it.  I or we can join them as well but it's some thing that I/we don't wish to do!
Do ask what your family members what they wish to do during festive seasons and not planning your own fun and left them out!
Just a friendly reminder that family means together.
Ohana means family, family means nobody....gets left behind....or the alien, Stitch.
Ya, may be too influence by the emotional story.
Any way,
Happy 2012 Year!!! Another year to make history and do remember your family!