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Financial crisis cases

Accounting scandals, or corporate accounting scandals, are political and business scandals which arise with the disclosure of misdeeds by trusted executives of large public corporations.
Financial scandal since 2000



Tyco2002           Parmalat 2003            AIG2004            Anglo Irish Bank Ireland2008

Lehman Brothers2010

Earning x tra

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Father

Not really like to talk about him as still feel the sadness over his death recently.
Another not so good reason for not writing for so long, the worse as not getting the mood to do it yet.
Guess it's right time to do it and I am picking up again to continue what I like and having found a new direction of what to do after a few weeks resting.

However, this need to be done, to be part of my or our memory towards our parents at least.
Used to travel back during holidays to visit both and guessed that's the least we can do as children, to be with them.  That was the months before July this year....thinking of him and the usual days of what he did.
He loved to go Genting and I had managed to bring him a few times.  I knew he was quite happy but not mum as his hobby was once a disaster during their time.  He also loved seafood especially prawns.  Still remember him sitting on one the favorite sofa with some cushion below for comfort and can't really figure out his thinking. He also loved all the spicy stuff such as the black noodles (KL Hockien mee)  and curry of course or spicy nasi lemak.  Other type of food are such as 'pan mee' and 'loh mee'.  Besides, he loved watching 'bao kong' the black face but justice judge and of course 4D and toto or anything betting as long as he had some $.
The memory of having dinner with them at a shop under a tree, that's how we called it till now. It's not easy at all to not thinking about it some how and under control.  That was when everything is all right.  They went in and out of the hospital just like taking their turns quite often then.  They still wish they could be visiting some place, someone and doing something when they were young once together, how romantic!
It is always not easy to start a conversation with him as he tend to keep to himself.  And you need to be careful with the words so as not to create anger in him over unnecessary issues. 
I found learning so much around them not to mention the type of disease, medicine, palliative care and support, oxygen tank sources, nurses at home, doctors, different opinion on type of food to take for recovery and lots more in just barely two months plus even though we are learning all the time before the worst started off.
To see someone dear going off is not an easy task as we are so closed to them, hoping to help and yet they left us after all the suffering.  We need to see him suffering, either more or less and hardly able to do anything except to pray for miracles.  We saw what he still wish he could do and was so hopeful but we know the truth.  He was blur on his condition and frustrated as can't do much about it.  He was angry with the medicine that are hard to swallow for so many times a day and the tasteless food that was hoping to help him which did not.  We are lost at what to do best and how to do it.  Lots of plan but don't really know which was the best.
Seeing him provokes all that and knowing this will be one of the ways some of us will need to go through.
I don't really know how this experience have change the way I look at myself and my life but I know what I want to do when I can do so.  I went through once the painful experience with my grandmother but the feeling was so different.
They say, live each day like it's your last which is true of course. You need to get everything ready such as the will, your precious gems to be divided and etc especially when you have children or even if you don't have.  What about other dreams that you wanted to do it?  That triggers one's thinking in appreciating the breath that still functioning, our movements and freedom now before everything shutting off slowly. 
Some how, some day, everyone will need to go through the pain of losing the dear ones.  I just did and life still need to go on and hope for the best for all the human beings out there.  It is indeed one of the challenges we need to face whether we like it or not.  Do you agree with me? 
Do respect and love your love ones especially your parents before it is too late to do so!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

STPM trial 2010

Refer to joshuatly
Klang Sel

or direct download fast as I had changed the format into smaller  (thanks the source - cg Narzuki)

Melaka 1 Ans  2 Ans       N9 1 Ans  2  Ans           PerakGG  1  Ans   2  Ans   
Pahang 1 Ans  2  Ans        Johor  1  Ans   2 Ans    Perak   1  Ans    Ans

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Latest SPM trial papers with answers

Refer to Ch'ng tuition or Joshuatly for more
Selangor       Perak         Johor          Melaka              SBP           Perlis

Johor          Kedah          Kelantan         Mahsa        N9        PerakGG1  GG2   GG3 

Perlis          SBP             Trengganu


Johor          Kedah          Kelantan         Mahsa        N9        Perak

Perlis          SBP             Trengganu       Sabah


Johor          Kedah          Kelantan         Mahsa        N9        Perak

Perlis          SBP             Trengganu

B Cina

Johor 1  2     LMS    LMS1       SPM setara  1    F5 1  2  Trengganu2    1

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SPM trial papers 2010

Bio1  2  3    Phy 1  2  3     Chemistry 1  2  3   BM1  2  3     BI 1  2     AddMaths 1  2     Sej 1  2     Maths  1  2
PAkaun 1  2

Bio 1  2   3     Phy 1  2  3    Chemistry 1  2  3    BM 1  2      BI 1 2    AddMaths1 2      Sej      Maths 1  2
Sej 1  2

Bio 1  2  3     Phy 2  3    Chemistry     BM 1  2      BI 1  2    AddMaths 1  2      Sej 1  2      Maths 1  2
P.Islam 1  2   Sci 1  2

Phy     Chemistry     BM      BI     AddMaths      Sej      Maths

Bio     Phy 1  2  3     Chemistry 2  3     BM 1  2      BI 1    AddMaths 1  2      Sej  1  2    Maths 1  2
Est 2

Thursday, September 23, 2010

PMR trial papers 2010

SCISabah       SCIKedah       SCIMelaka       SCISbt      SCITrengganu       SCIPerak

KHBTrengganu   KHBSarawak    KHBKedah   KHBSabah

MathsPahang      MathsPerak        MathsKedah      MathsMelaka     MathsSBP   MathsTrengg






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Friday, August 13, 2010

PMR4U 08 for practice

BM1                  BM2Pahang             BM Melaka
BM1                  BM2Perak
GEO Selangor    GEO NSembilan      GEO Perlis     GEO Pahang     GEO Sarawak
MATH NSembilan      MATH2 NSembilan          MATH Asrama
SEJ Sarawak              SEJ Selangor                     SEJ N9                
KHB N9                KHB Pahang
SCI N9P2              SCI  N9P1           SCI PahangP2            SCI PahangP1    SCI KL   SCI Sel
BEng.MRSM         BEng Pahang         BEng SBSelP2           BEng SBSelP1    BEng
BCina PahangP2    BCina PahangP1   BCina P1 Ans              BCina P2 Ans

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teachers' Day dilemma

Teachers' day which falls on 16th May every year, as usual did not bring much joy to teachers.  This is the day where teachers are ask to pay RM3 each without knowing where the money are spent to.  Even reluctant to pay, yet the teachers still pay as do not want to be consider as against the Head of school and district/state.  This year seemed worst as the teachers are order to have 'gotong royong' with good intention but do you think is  a joy to teachers?  Teachers are expecting to be pampered, rest and not asking to work again on weekends.  Teachers nowadays need to work six days a week when the other government servants are working five days a week.  Even though, the 'gotong royong' was said to be voluntary after getting lots of complaint, yet the school still carry out to please someone.  The good intention of the activities was said to draw closer all the races which falls on a not so suitable time.  Why?  This is because teachers need to rest too and the examination is just around the corner. Of course, the best reason is hey, it's teachers' day and not working day and it's Saturday! There will be again many absentees who also reluctant to carry out the good intention, how the good intention will turn out will be a question mark! Thus, the good intention just not going to work well as was fall on the wrong day and wrong timing.  Any way, my girls also complaint that how many 'gotong royong' going to be as they had had a few earlier and the exam is just next week.  The students also plan not to present but teachers still need to attend.
Hopefully, next year no more other types of good intention will again plan for the teachers.  A rest day will make the teachers so much happier, and please do not spoil it with some very good ideas.  How the weekends are used up for teachers?  Well, besides meeting, courses are to be attended, activities in schools or in district and states are to be done by teachers, who else?  Teachers had a hard time to look for weekends to fulfill the 7 days upgrade courses as almost every weekend some activities are on.  The courses are plan until Oct as could not fit in any earlier weekend.
Sad to say that some of the courses had nothing to do with the teaching and was just to fulfill the 7 days.  Courses are not available or if have are limited to a handful of teachers.  Learning is not to be forced or it will not be successful as teachers attended, just sitting around and can't focus as it's against their will.  On the other hand, the elder teachers are not encourage to further studies after 40s in masters and PhD with scholarships, as it was meant for the under 40s.  The system is not working as those who wish to further studies were not encourage and 7 days courses are not upgrading the teachers but only caused the teachers felt upset and tired.
Again, hopefully no more so call good intentions for teachers on weekends in the years to come.  As for the RM3, the KPPK or the one representing the teachers should raise up the rational behind it.  Looks like, other people are enjoying the meal which are being paid by the reluctant and angry teachers every year!  What a pity tale to be told during teachers' day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lower six joining the upper six soon!

It will be on the 10th of May, Monday.
A student approached me last week to find out what to prepare as he will be away in the NS.  I am glad we still have this type of students who care about what they are going to miss for about a month.  I passed to him some notes and exercises gladly.  So we will see if he really care when he is back later, that will be around after June holidays.
Anyway, the student highlighted what he wishes to take and I noticed he was quite reluctant to take up Maths S as he mentioned not scoring well in SPM.
Guess many of the students thought and did that every year.  However, do you all know that you will need to take up maths in university whether you are taking accounting path or the business management path.  I have seen students suffer in this subjects (there are two, compulsory to take) and scored low such as C and D or worst.  As for students who learnt up the Maths in form 6 like me, managed to score A easily as the level is the same as form 6 and so much easier as limited topic and questions.
So, do take up the Maths in F6 as you will take again in U (especially Arts stream).  Either "senang senang dahulu, and susah kemudian" or the other way around.  Make your choice wisely!

Tips for MUET from Nurly

Why MUET?  I had seen too many students scoring band 2, some in band 3, so few in band 4 /5 and not at all at band 6.  Came across this article and wish those who are still taking MUET will take note on how easy it is.  That also if you are trained from young in English through reading, listening.  My advice is, learning language is not like learning history or science where some good memory kids can remember in a short period.  Language takes time, so it is not going to be easy if you don't have the back ground on that and pitiful even how hard you tried in that two years.  However, not to worry, band 2 or 3 doesn't mean you will lose the chance to enter U, but you will need to brush up in U.  So don't worry that much, you will be skillful once you are in U due to the environment where all books are in English and you read so much that some how you will pick up, better than ever before.  Just try your best and at least get a band 3.  Read up how people scored easily just like reading up how people are successful in their business and etc.
Good Luck!  Thanks to Nurly on behalf.

Posted by Nurly

People have been telling me that MUET is JUST MUET. Contaminated by the thought that MUET is EASY, I didn’t put much effort when I sat for the end of 2009 MUET. I perceived MUET as just another English test to sit. I simply thought that as long as I pass the minimum band requirement for my college, it is good enough. I only spent a few hours the night before the test by going through several essay questions to kick-start my brain and that was it. Despite my little effort and much to my astonishment, I scored a Band 6 in MUET. J I am very grateful that Lady Luck was on my side. However, some of my friends weren’t very lucky. They had the same mindset as I did – no need to do preparations, just achieve the minimum band and rejoice. Sadly, quite a number of them had to re-sit the test as they scored below the required band for our college. Hey, MUET IS A HIGHER LEVEL ENGLISH TEST. If you screw it once, you’ll have to pay and re-sit for another. And because I don’t want others to face what my friends faced, I wish to help everyone out there who is eager to perform well in their upcoming MUET. So here are some brief introduction and tips on how to ace MUET based entirely on my experience.

Firstly, there are 4 papers to sit for MUET: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The Speaking test is conducted on one day, while the Listening, Reading and Writing tests are held altogether on a different day.

Speaking Test

What to expect: You’ll be placed into groups of 4 according to your candidate number. 2 sessions will be conducted beginning with Individual Presentation and ensued with Group Discussion. A main topic will be given, for example, ‘There are many ways of obtaining information today’. Each candidate will then receive one suggestion to elaborate on. For instance, ‘the Internet’ for candidate A, ‘the mobile phone’, ‘newspapers’ and ‘radio and television’ for candidates B, C and D respectively. Candidates will be given 2 minutes to prepare their points and another 2 minutes to present their views individually. Once the Individual Presentation session is done, the second session begins. 2 minutes will be given for all candidates to discuss and decide as to which of the four suggestions is the best.

My experience: I was very lucky as I was the fourth candidate and the last to present my points. I had more time to jot down my ideas while other candidates were presenting theirs. I am fluent in English thus I had no problem elaborating my points. As for the Group Discussion session, everyone in my group voiced out different views and hence made the session a lot more interesting. We didn’t fight or debate, we simply said what we believe was right. We also helped each other throughout the session. We were tolerant to one another in which each person had almost equal time to speak. Everyone had their say and none of us conquered the discussion.

Tips: If you are competent in English, there is nothing for you to worry. However, if you are not fluent in this language, I suggest that you practise speaking English with your friends beforehand. It helps if you warm-up your brain before the test by having a discussion with your friends. Use simple words and speak at a normal pace. Speak clearly. Don’t rush your words or mumble. Also, if possible, try to give out-of-the-box views. This test does not only assess your fluency in English. The invigilators will give extra marks for mature, wise and sensible ideas. Furthermore, make full use of the 2 minutes duration time by elaborating in details or giving more suggestions. 2 minutes sounds short, but when you’re out of words it can be very long. Most importantly, avoid saying ‘uhm’, ‘err’, ‘well’ repetitively as this clearly shows how nervous you are.

Reading Test

What to expect: A total of 45 objective questions; 10 are True/False questions. The questions are based on several passages. Duration of 90 minutes.

My experience: Honestly, this paper was the most difficult for me. The passages were difficult to understand as a broad range of vocabulary was in use. The MCQ choices were very tricky and time constraint made it even worse. I didn’t even have the time to recheck my answers.

Tips: Truth be told, you need to practise answering some MUET sample questions as preparation. I didn’t try any questions and oh my, I was so stumped that it took me a long time to understand the passages! The passages are very difficult to comprehend but I suppose that if you’re used to reading newspapers it wouldn’t be a problem. When answering the paper, read the excerpt first (understand the main idea), then go through the questions briefly and finally read the excerpt again. Underline or highlight sentences that are related to the questions. Most importantly, FOCUS! Don’t bother looking at other candidates or build castles in the air. Trust me, the 90 minutes is not enough!

Writing Test

What to expect: 1 summary (comparison) question based on a graphic. The graphic can be tables, graphs, short excerpts or even bar/pie charts. You are required to makecomparison based on the graphic provided. Also, 1 essay question; usually argumentative. 90 minutes.

My experience: The night before my MUET, I sat with my roommate and we brainstormed on points for the essay, new words, idioms, quotes and the like. I’ve always loved writing so I wasn’t very worried for this section.

Tips: For the summary question, familiar yourself with comparison words. Use words like ‘better than’, ‘higher’, ‘rise’, ‘elevate’, ‘levelled out’, ‘equal’, ‘reduce’ and ‘lessen’ to give your essay a boost. Concentrate only on the main points as you are to write a very short 200 words summary. You should first compare on the statistics/graphs/etc given, then add 1 or two points based on your understanding of the graphic. Or in other words, write a few lines on your inference on the graphic. As for the argumentative essay, try to memorise a number of bombastic words and idioms to beautify your essay. You shouldn’t simply memorise them but you ought to know how and when to use them. Also, check out a thesaurus to find synonyms for useful words that you may want to use repetitively. For instance, alternatives to ‘thus’ are ‘therefore’, ‘hence’, ‘consequently’ and ‘as a result’. In addition, to defend your stand, use words like ‘justify’, ‘strongly belief’, ‘affirm’, ‘emphasize’ and et cetera. If you are weak in writing, avoid composing a lengthy essay. The longer you write, the more grammatical errors you’ll make. Try to write a short but compact essay.

Listening Test

What to expect: 20 questions consisting of both MCQ and subjective questions. The tape will be repeated twice and extra time will be given for you to answer all the questions.

My experience: I have to say that I am very lucky for MUET. I was seated in the first row and the radio was right in front of my desk. Unlike my friends who sat far behind and could only hear whispers of voices, I could hear loudly and clearly – word by word. Very lucky, weren’t I? *grins*

Tips: Frankly speaking, the questions for listening test are pretty easy and straightforward. You just have to listen attentively and take your time in answering the questions. I have to warn you that the questions are not in sequence with the dialogue so you should first brief through the questions before the session starts. Don’t panic if you missed a point asthe tape will be repeated for a second time.

Well, I hope that I’ve made MUET easy for you. May you have a great MUET experience and score one of the high bands. MUET is rather tough if your English isn’t strong but fret not because practice makes perfect. JBuy a MUET exercise/sample papers/past year compilation book to have a better grasp of this test. If I can score a band 6, why can’t you? I am neither a debater nor a public speaker. I speak in my mother tongue (which is not English!) 24/7 at home. So if I can ace a band 6, I’m pretty sure you can too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The A+, A and A- matters for SPM

Well, the first result with new grades are suppose to settle the too many As issue were out.
Did it manage to settle the issue?  No, again.  Why?
There are certain subjects that do not follow the A+ of 90% and above.  Just ask some of the students in schools with good results.  Some of them will tell you that they had never passed the subject in school and yet they still manage to score A or A- if not A+.  As for those with higher marks they scored A+ just like their friends who used to score 90% and above. 
There is one subject however, seemed to follow, which is the Mandarin as the A+ are so few.  One of the school I know with a student scoring A+ out of 400+ students taking.  What is wrong again?  Guess only the one who did it will know better, and the rest of us will just end up being confuse at what ways to implement again, just like the number of subjects allow to take.
Guess that is also another issue that are confusing.  At the moment, the subjects allow are 12 instead of 10 mentioned earlier.
We will see how the scholarships being distribute fairly this time and how many will make the head line of not getting any again!  Hopefully this would not happen again or will it?
Wait and see, soon!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

RA finalize

Hi, regarding RA which will be final as not finding any new ways of handling.
Currently taking 2 steroid for five days to stop damaging and methotrexate once a week plus other vitamins B complex and iron tablets daily.  Will be taking folic acid once a week too.
Decided to end the suffering and take the western way, also the traditional way to build up the immune system hopefully.  Not much choice at the moment but to make the activation stopped totally and prevent it from further damaging my bones. 

Will write again may be in a month's time regarding RA again.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to count SPM merit marks to IPTA lately??

 Hi again!
Back to Exam stuff.
Latest SPM merit marks to enter IPTA need to know in order to take number of subjects and whether is under science stream or arts stream.  The calculation of the marks should be known to students so that they will prepare for it since form 4 and not in form 5.
First, you will need to know the subjects categorized under the streams as below.
You will find that Pendidikan Moral is under arts!  The arts students will need to make sure they get the best A+ in BM if needed high marks. Check it out yourself.  The good news is Prinsip Perakaunan and Ekonomi asas are both under the Science!
Aliran Sains =Matematik + Matematik Tambahan + Fizik + Kimia + Biologi or ERT/Perdagangan/PPerakaunan/EkonomiA/Sains Sukan etc
Aliran Sastera = BM'sia + Matematik + Sains + Sejarah + PIslam/PMoral
Then, you need to choose 4 out of 5 main subjects stated above under the streams.
Then the marks is based on academic (90%) and co-curriculum activities (10%).
The academic (90%) again based on 90% on the first 5 main subjects mentioned above and 30% for the other best 3 subjects obtained.  You need to know the marks for all the grades as well as below:
(A+ 18, A 16, A- 14, B+ 12, B 10, C+ 8, C 6, D 4, E 2 and G 0)
A bit confusing?  Just refer to the example below. 
Let have 5 main subjects chosen for the marks:
Math A+, Math Tamb A, Fizik A-, Kimia A, Biologi A- = total 78 (18+16+14+16+14)
Then, the other 3 best marks subjects under science of BM A+, Inggeris A+ and PMoral A+ = total 54 (3x18).
The academic marks will be (78+ 30=108 which come from 78 x 90/90 = 78 and 54x 30/54= 30)
Total will be (78+30) x 90/ 120 = 81.
The 81% will add with the co-curriculum marks of 10%. 
What is the conclusion of this marks grading?  Well the arts stream will need to make sure the 5 main subjects to obtain good marks and BM'sia is one of it.  As for the Science stream, taking extra subjects such as PPerakaunan/Ekonomi A or Sains Sukan will help to gain high grades if their other subjects not good enough.
Hopefully, all the students or parents out there understand the new grading system and to make up their mind what other subjects to help in their grading.
Best wishes!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another article on RA

Hopefully this will help too.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment, Work Disability and Employability

The pain, fatigue and limited mobility associated with RA affect all parts of a persons' life, especially the ability to work productively. Several studies in the past few years have shown that people with Rheumatoid Arthritis tend to have a much higher rate of functional limitation in work activities, use more sick days than people without rheumatoid arthritis and have a high rate of unemployment due to disability.

Two studies published this month in the journal Arthritis Care & Research discussed work disability or employability in people with RA.  In one large study, researchers tried to study work disability over time. The study included over 5,000 people, ages 19 to 64 with disease duration from one year to 20 or more years.  The study also looked at data about the type of employment and, if unemployed, whether subjects were retired, homemakers, students or were disabled.  Overall, the study found that while 85% of the subjects were employed at disease onset; as disease duration increased, so did the proportion of subjects who were not employed (in other words,  the longer people had rheumatoid arthritis, the less likely they were to continue working).  For example, 23% of subjects with 1 to 3 years disease duration were not employed (35% for those with 10+ years and 51% of those with 25+ years).  The researchers found that much of this premature work-cessation was arthritis related. 

Newer Treatments Help People with Rheumatoid Arthritis Keep Working
However, the researchers were careful to note that the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis disability has generally declined in the past 15 to 20 years.  They also found that many of the cases of work disability were temporary, with people later returning to work.  The study suggested that the earlier availability of more potent drugs or the use of combinations of drugs might be a factor.  They also cited the national unemployment rate trends over time and the decline in physically demanding jobs as possible factors. 

RA Patients More Likely To Keep Working If Treated Early
The second study focused on employability outcomes for patients in two ongoing studies of patients being treated with a combination of infliximab and methotrexate (MTX).  "Employability" was reported by the patient, based on whether they felt well enough to work if a job were available.  This study found that participants with early onset disease who had not previously taken MTX were four times more likely to become employable with longstanding rheumatoid arthritis that had previously not responded as well to MTX, but had a better response to infliximab plus MTX.  This finding was consistent with the findings of other studies that emphasize the importance of early and effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

I was particularly interested in these articles because I find that most attention or discussions about arthritis in the news deals with new drugs or the effectiveness of drugs.  It seems like much less attention is paid to how arthritis affects our lives and how we can manage those effects.  When I think about my own experience with RA, I think it definitely affected my jobs and career choices in some ways.  Even though I have relatively mild/moderate disease activity, I have had RA since I was a toddler and I do have longstanding joint wear and some deformities.  I have also found that there are certain jobs that I shouldn't do.  For example, I worked at a couple retail jobs in college and graduate school.  At each one, I stood for most of my shift, 4 to 8 hours and was not allowed to sit on a stool, even while working the register.  By the end of the day, my hips, knees and feet were very stiff and painful.  Eventually, my knees would flare and get extremely swollen.  I tried to wear knee braces, which helped stabilize my knee, but didn't stop the swelling or pain.  I would occasionally have to have one knee aspirated and injected with steroids.
Now, I work a desk job that requires long hours typing on the computer.  My knees still get stiff from sitting, but I move around a lot and I prop up my feet on an empty copy paper box under my desk.  Since my arthritis is most active in my hands now, the typing and mouse clicking can be the most painful, so I switch the mouse between hands.  I also have recurring bouts of carpal tunnel syndrome, so I sometimes wear a splint at work so help ease the pain.

How has arthritis affected your ability to work?  Have you changed jobs or careers because of it?  Are there any accommodations or modifications that you've made that have you have found to be helpful on the job?  Please share your experiences.

When I last wrote about RA and work, I listed some suggestions from the Arthritis Foundation and about managing RA at the workplace.
In addition, the Arthritis Foundation has an interesting page on their website devoted to arthritis in the workplace including tips for job searching, work relationships and whether and how to tell coworkers about your arthritis and several articles with personal advice.

An article regarding RA nightmare!

This is one of the article found in the internet which was not very encouraging.  Please read.

Hello to everyone! I hope New Year brings you all some relieve, happiness and health to you and your families!

I was Dx with MS and RA this summer. I went to so many RA Drs. who couldn't dx me on time causing more and more damage to my body. Finally I was lucky enough to meet this wonderful DR at HSS in NYC, who was very surprise that it took me so long to see medical attention. Not my fault. She even apologized for Drs who did not see such obvious symptoms.

Well, every joint in my body by now affected by RA. Not only joints though: I have torn tendons, teared muscles and ligaments due to RA in both elbows, shoulders, neck, knees, ankles and so on. This is extremely painful condition and surgery required to fix it, but my RA doesn't let me to go through more surgery right now since it may not heal properly due to inflammation in a body.

Dr said that my treatment has to be very agressive, and put me on Prednisone, Meth, Rx Folic Acid and now i had my blood work to check for TB to be able to start Enbrel.

I have to say that Meth makes me very tired, i am constantly exhausted, nausea, no appetite at all, I loose my hair (as you know Meth is low dose of chemo therapy). But pain is still here and the most wondering thing is: my C-Reactive Protein is still high. How this can be? Meth is working on bringing my inflammation down, is in it? I take 20mg of it (8 pills once a week) and Prednisone (5mg right now once a day, before was on 40 mg). So I have problem to understand what is going on?

Dr thinks I will have to be on Meth and on Enbrel together and no time limit to it. She says that if we stop the treatment, damage will continue. This means I have to be on it for the rest of my life? How many month/years are you on this type meds?

I have to say that I always been very optimistic person, full of life, happy person. I had 2 major spinal surgeries in '06 and '07. My "progress" report is - Failed. Despite this I still was very optimistic and happy person.
Since I went on Meth - i feel like I want NOTHING. I don't eat, nothing really makes me happy, exhausted 24/7, I don't care how I look anymore... sounds like depression, right? But I never been depressed in my life, why now I am feeling this way? Does anyone here has same side effects from Meth?

I am on Pain meds since my first surgery 24/7, but it never affected me at all. Since I am on Meth, i am not myself anymore. This is not the way I ever leaved or want to leave. Please, share your experience with me. I would like to learn more about treatments for RA first hand and also how you all react to treatments. Your progress, or your disapointments..

My own Experience on RA night mare cont..... -Rheumatoid Arthritis

Story of RA continue.  It was the worst attacked after end of 2008.  The pain is so much with the swollen and fever every night causing no work can be accomplished.  Time to rest more.
Later, getting the Chinese herbs previously given but not taken due to CNY.  Also try on another new product which cost RM138 in market with the name of Intra.  The night seemed to be better, at least the sleep is not disturb and the pain is so much less.  However, not sure which one is helping but why bother as long as the pain is not there so much.  Still having stiffness in the morning.  The swollen still stay, so need to do something about it.
So far, have been trying other product other than the western medicine such as the Alpha Lipid which cost RM180 in market; the Chini product of Chinese herbs with the long wave magnetic chair and Chinese herbs which is really expensive and needed more timing;  and the recent product is Intra the fruit juice which is so much easier even though expensive.  However, none cure the swollen, just ease down the pain which is good enough for me at the moment. Well, end up dig out some of the previous western medicine kept as need to keep the swollen at bay.  Taken one tablet of diciofenac sodium for swollen purpose, later will take 5 tablets of methotrexate sodium to stop it.  All these medicine was used earlier for RA and also mentioned in a magazine(long life) which help me to take it.  The article was a good one as it detailed out the problem and what will you encounter in the coming years.  Guess will photostat and distribute to people that need to know.

Let's look at what is in the article I mentioned above.  It was in mandarin by Dr. Gun Suk Chyn regarding burden of RA & advances in treatment of RA in Malaysia.  The reason to the RA cause are first, immune system problem.  Secondly, abnormal immune system attacking own healthy tissue and parts as it treat it as the enemy.  The redness and pain was cause by the attacking of immune system to the synovium tissue.  This will cause the abnormal synovitis grow and unusual divided, thus causing abnormal shape and position moving away which in long term cause paralyse. It will also weaken and damaged the soft bone and the flesh, muscles around.  So, RA can cause paralyse in future as all the joint will be in odd shape and can't function in normal.  Even the normal routine such as holding the spoon, tooth brush or comb.  It's quite true as went through the experience when the stiffness occurred in the morning for a short time.
The age for RA is for those between 30 to 60, previously it was said 40 and above.  Looks like the younger people will be getting it too now.  Women are said to be more than men and the ratio is 3:1.  It was mentioned that the first two years, 50% will encounter tighten fingers and stuck together.  After 10 years, 50% will be paralyse.  You will also die earlier, 10years earlier for women and 4 years for men.
The symptoms are pain, swollen, felt feverish at the joint, having fever, lost of weight and tiredness.  Usually it will affect a pair of organ in the body such as the palms, the legs, the knees and the wrist, especially the hand and legs small joints.
What you will encounter in your life after RA?  Well, less work day, always on MC, earlier retirement, having economic problem, lost your job and depression.  There are people who have RA due to genetic cause call HLA-DR4 and will pass to generation.
Medicine use usually Nsaids for pains. For swollen will need paracetamol, acetaminophen, priroxicam, dicofenac, ketoprofen, celecoxib and etoricoxib.  As for slowing down the RA, use Glucocor-Ticoids and Prednisone and especially when attack is ativated.  Other choice, taking Methotrexate.  It was said taking Anti-TNF-ALFA such as Adalimumab and Etanercept Infliximab will help to stop the joint from damage.
If RA not treated properly, it will cause paralyse earlier.  Another bad news, it cannot be cured, but needed to stop the swollen, pain, slow down the proses of damaging to the joints.  Even if the sign of RA not obvious, the RA will still attacked silently, your joints!

Hopefully, the knowledge regarding RA is clear.  However, how to avoid RA was not mentioned.  But the reason to it in my experience is not to let your immune system weaken.  Some said usually RA happens after surgery, when you are very weak(such as after abortion or serious sickness) or even depression which means your immune system also weaken. 
So, we will need to make sure our immune system not weaken or we will need to face the worst of all, RA! Guess people without RA will need to be happier and make sure their immune system are strong most of the time if wish to avoid RA nightmare.  Some said go for meditation, yoga and be more positive in your life or enjoy your life to kick away all the stress nowadays. All the best to the ones without RA!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My own Experience on RA nightmare &.......... -Rhematoid Arthritis

It's been a while since the last writing.  Can't find time to write properly as down with work and personal problem of RA recently.  Guess it's time to talk about it as just getting some very bad experience again.
RA a type of incurable sickness which wouldn't kill anyone immediately but making one suffer and if taking drugs will lead to earlier death.
Some said is a curse from the mighty God until you return to him totally.  Some said it's also a curse from your past sin.  The doctor will say it is you who are attacking yourself and you need to control your emotion.  You cannot be angry, nor sad, just need to be happy all the time which is a bit ridiculous.  You seemed to lost your emotion, your freedom to move and rest a lot.
How to know if you are with this type of sickness?  First sign which is still in the early stage, is the stiffness in the fingers and later to your legs as well.  You will be walking like a robot but will eventually loosen after some time, half an hour or more!  Scary, not yet.  You can check if you are with RA by looking at the ESR through the blood checking.  It cost RM25 if you ask for it in any path lab.  If the reading is less than 20, you are safe.
Well, when you are with RA, you will ask to take other than nothing, which is the best, steroid which only cost RM0.25 per tablet and can be obtain from pharmacists.  There are some other second class equally drugs out there that you wanted to try which effective for some time.
So, back to the story recently, trying out the traditional ways and kick away the drugs.  Go for the Chinese herbs and long wave chair, not forgetting exercise for at least 30 minutes a day every day.  What happen?  All the uninvited pain and suffering visited you.  It was effective again for some time, two months plus now.
The pain just unbearable as it started from the fingers to your toes except your hair.  You will encounter fever in the night as if you were curse for it at the same time which you need to rest yourself totally, in bed.  The pain felt in all the joints as the pain will spread after a year or two, just as what the information in the internet indicated.  You can barely walk properly even if it is a smooth surface, and more pain on uneven surface.  You will able to go up stair case however without much pain but not when going down, it is the worst thing happen to you as you needed support or you will pain until you fall off the stairs.  Scary?  More to be said when you are sleeping as the pain will follow you whenever you turn, unless you sleep one way only which is impossible.  You can't sit too long or you will be having pain to walk again.  Understand why did not spent time writing this few months as was on the try to cure this RA for the time frame of 3 months.  This is the third attempt, hopefully it will work as it was said again work with others.  The truth will reveal soon.  But just can't stand any more of the pains, so end up taking one steroid at 4.30 am.  Will check how long it will give back my freedom of moving today!
Will continue the story again to see if miracle happen in the last month, really hopefully.

Monday, February 1, 2010

How teachers get involvement in teaching and activities? Care to know? After the dragon boat incident!

How teachers get involve? How do teachers started the career as a teacher?
This will lead to how one of the young brave teacher's fate was determined when he chose to be a teacher.
First, any young teachers will be asked to teach any subjects that the stable seniors don't teach any more.  This is due to the fact that the senior are more reliable in their teaching which are quite true after years of experience. In addition they are not moving (transfer)any where else as they have families or even if not, used to the condition of the schools.  Most people don't like changes especially when the age is catching up. 
Next, the younger ones will be given activities that again the smart senior teachers take their hands off as they realized the danger and the hard work needed to pour in. It's sounds quite reasonable as their age do not permit them to run around like the youngster any more.
So, that's how the dragon boat became the younger teacher's responsibility.  And so on with the other adventurous activities.
As young teachers, you have no say in what you wish or not wish to do.  You just leave your fate to whatever that arrange nicely for you just because you are young.  Young is consider innocent, braver, will do all out and do not realize the danger in return.  Of course, there were some clever ones who rejected but will be penalized in terms of some other way, some how.
As years passed by, a young teacher will became wiser in whatever activities involved. They will then be the senior teachers and will be stable and given trust in works that are suitable and might be according to what they wish at last.
This type of tragedy will usually involved the younger ones, sorry to say that.  Some might not agree, but in most situations in schools, that is what is really happening!  Don't believe, become a teacher!
Teachers are expected to be all rounder and are expected to be able to handle any situation in both teaching and activities.  I was young once and went through the same fate.  Just lucky nothing happen to all of us and we really had a great time as the teachers are just as innocent as the students.
The procedures and precautions don't really play an important role as some students tends to keep it away from their parents by signing on behalf.  No parents would allow their loving children to involve in dangerous activities.  It might work for the girls but not the boys.  The only way is to phone to each and every parent whom their child are involved, just a suggestion.
What can we say and how do we know?  Guess is not a question for any one of us to answer.  It's God's will and we have not much choice just like the young teacher's fate in their given work and responsibilities.  But one thing we are sure to know, is that the young teacher is just like any other young teachers who dare to take up whatever given and work all out for it even if he do not know how to do it.  He is just there to take care the students and to carry out the duty being asked to do so without rejection! 
I wonder if the insurance for young teachers will increase if they realize that actually the teachers' work is just as risky when you are going out for activities with group of students!  Only when you are young!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Teachers of Heart or Heart of Education?

After X'mas and a short holiday, guess I am on the writing again.  Today's topic is on the teachers.
Teachers of heart in my view are teachers who are responsible and caring or having a heart for the students sake.
However, there were some very rude students who don't really know how to appreciate such teachers.  Usually this will happen with the smarter students who are too proud of themselves.
They tend to compare with their so call excellent tuition teachers whom they paid hansomely.  However, what they don't know is that some of these tuition experst lied to them certain facts as they are on business objective.  They even admire them.  So, do you think they will respect the teachers in schools who areactually very responsible.  For this topic we omit the irresponsible ones in the discussions.  When the results are good, they will convey their thanks to their tuition teachers, but if the result is not good they will blame the school teachers and never to themselves or the tuition teachers.
It is not easy to get good teachers no doubt.  But if you do come across, do respect them as they need motivation as they are human being too.
Being a responsible teacher actually depend on oneself as no one can force them, not even the HM as he/she can't keep an eye all the time on a teacher's work.  This will need the teacher to do whatever that he/she wanted to do for the students.  There is how the heart came in the topic we discuss today.  A teacher also need to be ready,to be hurt by immoral students who never appreciate no matter how much a teacher had sacrificed.
After some time, the teacher's heart is full of cracked lines as was hurt once in a while, but life need to move on.  They tend to be more positive and try to protect from the hurt every year.  Guess that's why teachers needed more holidays to have their heart recover a little and away from all the misery.  As for those not able to cope, they will end up quitting, became crazy or even suicide. 
Well, what I can say is that just do the best you can and forget about the rotten ones as not everybody is perfect.  As long as you have tried and there are some who know what you did is good enough.  Being irresponsible is not the way to avoid the situations.  How good you did will still be commented by someone some how.
In other cases, I had came across some temporary teachers who are only interested in the high pay they get and not doing the work sincerely with heart.  So, those of you who don't use their heart in the teaching, do not become a teacher as this will cause the students became your victims.  As for the irresponsible ones, do have a heart as you are in for it and don't make the students victims of your doing.  As for the students, what you can do are to respect all the teachers so that they will have a heart for you.  People change, so give a chance to your teachers too. Sending a small thanking card will also make the teachers' heart melt away and they need it all the time to heal their hearts.

You can always go for tuitions as extra classes, but do not blame your teachers are not good as it might be you are the ones who who are slow t in the class, or you need second lesson to understand.  Usually when you go for second lesson, you will be better and is not because the tuition teacher is better.
Wish that all the teachers out there will have a heart and the students have hearts on teachers too.  This will make this world a better place to live again!