Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brain drain and Brain build problem in Malaysia!

BD & BB are serious problems we are facing in Malaysia!
In my opinion, of course!  Some might not agree with me or might be angered by the statements to be revealed as below!
Brain drain, as usual not a new issue, everybody knows some how as mentioned in news now and then.  So, the reasons behind its existence are really important as Malaysia is loosing all the brainy to our neighboring countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and as far as Australia and etc as time passed.  Some people realised the importance of it, yet some still not realizing it!  Guess it needs some brainy people who are aware of its importance and urgency before it's getting worse!  How serious is it actually?  Well, when every year all the brainies are being pick up by other countries, what is left for Malaysia?  Not so brainy ones of course.  Sorry as it will offense someone out there!  But it is a fact, what you expect to happen though!  Nothing can be done?  Not really, it's just up to the administration group or politic groups to see what is wrong with Malaysia system and able to adjust back in time to save Malaysia.

Talk about BB or brain building, the one I created for Malaysia for not building the brainy.  So the effect will be the not so brainy educating the future generations, again what to expect of the outcome?  Of course, the not so brainy ones.  However, there is some source helping the BB, which is the tuition system but not all can and able to get it as need to fork out money.  Or else no brainy will be out at all!  

Educators should have certain qualities and not just another unwanted jobs or just accept any as long as they want, whether to fulfill the quota or just to dump some unbrainy type who fail in their studies!  How you expect a teacher who doesn't know the stuff he/she is teaching and with language problems to produce brainy ones?  It's just another impossible dream to build.  Of course, this does not mean that there are some of the good ones who are the brainy but it's sad to say that only a hand full.  Most of them are just, how to say, no place or no better job to hold, so end up in the teaching line.  It's a fact if you are in the teaching line itself!  You can see some teachers just don't know their subject well enough even after going through the degree level as they merely pass or made pass in the first place!  So, what to expect from them as they can't even understand or grab the knowledge and yet they are the future brain building engineers!  They even asked the students to find out from the tuition class, sound familiar?  Because it's very true and sad.  So, that's how the failure of brain building started and it's getting worse with the GSTT who are just being hire as they had no jobs and no skill and unwanted.  Schools dare not give them any important subjects to them except morals, health and PJ.  Money are spend for them, using who's money?  You know! be continued!