Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to count SPM merit marks to IPTA lately??

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Back to Exam stuff.
Latest SPM merit marks to enter IPTA need to know in order to take number of subjects and whether is under science stream or arts stream.  The calculation of the marks should be known to students so that they will prepare for it since form 4 and not in form 5.
First, you will need to know the subjects categorized under the streams as below.
You will find that Pendidikan Moral is under arts!  The arts students will need to make sure they get the best A+ in BM if needed high marks. Check it out yourself.  The good news is Prinsip Perakaunan and Ekonomi asas are both under the Science!
Aliran Sains =Matematik + Matematik Tambahan + Fizik + Kimia + Biologi or ERT/Perdagangan/PPerakaunan/EkonomiA/Sains Sukan etc
Aliran Sastera = BM'sia + Matematik + Sains + Sejarah + PIslam/PMoral
Then, you need to choose 4 out of 5 main subjects stated above under the streams.
Then the marks is based on academic (90%) and co-curriculum activities (10%).
The academic (90%) again based on 90% on the first 5 main subjects mentioned above and 30% for the other best 3 subjects obtained.  You need to know the marks for all the grades as well as below:
(A+ 18, A 16, A- 14, B+ 12, B 10, C+ 8, C 6, D 4, E 2 and G 0)
A bit confusing?  Just refer to the example below. 
Let have 5 main subjects chosen for the marks:
Math A+, Math Tamb A, Fizik A-, Kimia A, Biologi A- = total 78 (18+16+14+16+14)
Then, the other 3 best marks subjects under science of BM A+, Inggeris A+ and PMoral A+ = total 54 (3x18).
The academic marks will be (78+ 30=108 which come from 78 x 90/90 = 78 and 54x 30/54= 30)
Total will be (78+30) x 90/ 120 = 81.
The 81% will add with the co-curriculum marks of 10%. 
What is the conclusion of this marks grading?  Well the arts stream will need to make sure the 5 main subjects to obtain good marks and BM'sia is one of it.  As for the Science stream, taking extra subjects such as PPerakaunan/Ekonomi A or Sains Sukan will help to gain high grades if their other subjects not good enough.
Hopefully, all the students or parents out there understand the new grading system and to make up their mind what other subjects to help in their grading.
Best wishes!