Monday, June 20, 2011

Realiti of scholarships finally

After a few months of controversy on the scholarships.
It appeared to be an impossible dream for most of the appealing.  This also meant that whatever the political party had predicted if this problem are not solve will come true.
Let's recall what they had predicted.

[Dr Wee said these government officers set their own selection criteria and did not follow what the Cabinet had decided.

“If this trend continues, many Barisan Nasional parties will have to close shop because such a practice will only scare away young voters.
“Many talented young people will also be driven away and this will make the brain drain problem even worse,” he told a press conference at Wisma MCA yesterday.
Dr Wee said students who scored full A+ in the SPM examination were not given priority during the selection process, and were only offered open scholarships for government matriculation programmes or vacancies at local universities.
An open scholarship for matriculation studies is financial assistance given to students only after they have obtained good results during their first year in the programme.
“However, students who obtained poorer results were awarded scholarships to study at universities overseas,” he said.]

Looks like whatever they had predicted will happen after all, as they don't really care any more.
We can roughly know what is going to happen during the election as they failed to fight or show their influence in the matter.
What they had achieved are for those who are scored all A+ in all their subjects.  This meant that those who are taking the subject of Mandarin will be a loser as only a handful of them scored A+ in Mandarin.
So, some students with 10A+ and A in Mandarin will not have the opportunity at all as previously hoping eagerly yet disappointed for the second time.  As for those who are taking  9 or 10 subjects without Mandarin are consider lucky as their appeal are look into. 
Those students who are already in matriculation was told that their cases are not looking into as they are consider bad luck to be in that group.  This was told by the matriculation students where officers from JPA held a meeting with them recently.  As for the diploma cases, they are being taken care of and given the choice of the field they intent to pursue, better than those in matriculation. 
What do you think of the JPA officers' answers will affect the students?  Think again.  Of course, they have created a group of unhappy ones and they have decided what to do in future, definitely.  How can we blame them as they are not treated the right way it should or given a better reason for not getting any changes!  Just given a reason of  'nasib tak baik'.
The situation is just like asking the students to love and yet they are not being love! 
This also meant that those students taking more subjects especially mandarin will be on the losing side.
What should the students do to their mother tongue that they love?  This will surely affect some of them if not many.
Another sad ending.
It's better that the political party involved should not have taken up this responsibility as the risk of not fulfilling are high.  However, they had tried and it only showed how much they can!  A pity job that will definitely affected the trust given.