Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking for scholarships?

It's time looking for scholarships now in newspaper whether you are STPM or SPM leavers.
Came across recently a few from NUS, Genting, Star Publications and colleges(get newspaper).
Get ready necessary documents as needed especially letters of recommendation from your teachers(refer to the requirement in the scholarships advertisement).
This is time to:
Make up your mind what you really want to be or pursued. 
Open up more options and not stick to one and only dream.
Listen to some of the talk according to your options as to get some ideas what to know and need to do.
Get information from the counter with the courses you wish to pursue as you will expose to all types of options, the financial needed, what you will encounter and how long, rather than just waiting hopefully to get the scholarships alone which might disappoint depending much on the very extremely super results obtained.
The information will be very helpful even if you are offer scholarship to do it as you will know what to encounter?(visit the big education fair such as in PISA and KL for more info and focus or will be confused)
But beware of:
The promises some made which have hidden agenda;
How good everything seemed to be but actually not;
What your parents thinking and ability or suggestions;
Follow your interest and not your friends, it's time to fly separately towards your dreams and not stick to your friends' dream instead;
Always remember:
There are lots of options out there and this is one of the important decisions you need to make to be what you wanted to be in future, so think carefully and patiently;
What you have learn might not be what you will be later.
You will be enjoying what you like to learn than forcing to learn something you don't like.
Even if you did, you can always change, just needed more time than others(never too old to learn).
Your parents might or might not involved but you are really lucky if they did.  It's alright if they are not as you can always join others as another option.
There was a saying:
Roads are created by man, never give up trying easily.
Guess it's another part of our lives needed to go through!
Best Wishes!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Year of Rabbit or Year of disaster?

At first, was the welcome of the new year 2011, followed by the Rabbit year.
Then we have positive, encouraging year ahead in markets until the Egypt political  dilemma, followed by Libya.....never ending drama!

Next, not long we see how the disaster unfold in Japan which create fear all over the world just similar to the film of 2012 where world almost came to the end.

Then we have the giant moon moving near to our earth which also created some worries, but was over and nothing happen.  We are still fear of nuclear plant effect not in Japan but the goods as well.
What next?
Heard about the May 2011 and December 2012 which will be another blow to the people and the earth?

What can we do about it?  Nothing at all.  Pray and hope......life still go on as usual whether it happen or not.
Some positive comment earth will live for many years ahead, not as predicted as mentioned above.

What we can be is to be aware of the damages we did before and do at least some correction to it before it became worst.  Even though we can't really change much as everyone is working for better life they dream.We might not able to save it but will face the end of our world one day.

What else?  Some planning to enjoy more by joining the tours and spending more time with family members which I think are some of the positive out of the negative impact.
Some see life unpredictable and unsure of the safety any more in our earth and start to think of what type of damages done so far.

I see it as part of the life we needed to face due to our own doings for modernization and to have better lives in our beautiful planet after all.