Saturday, February 27, 2010

My own Experience on RA nightmare &.......... -Rhematoid Arthritis

It's been a while since the last writing.  Can't find time to write properly as down with work and personal problem of RA recently.  Guess it's time to talk about it as just getting some very bad experience again.
RA a type of incurable sickness which wouldn't kill anyone immediately but making one suffer and if taking drugs will lead to earlier death.
Some said is a curse from the mighty God until you return to him totally.  Some said it's also a curse from your past sin.  The doctor will say it is you who are attacking yourself and you need to control your emotion.  You cannot be angry, nor sad, just need to be happy all the time which is a bit ridiculous.  You seemed to lost your emotion, your freedom to move and rest a lot.
How to know if you are with this type of sickness?  First sign which is still in the early stage, is the stiffness in the fingers and later to your legs as well.  You will be walking like a robot but will eventually loosen after some time, half an hour or more!  Scary, not yet.  You can check if you are with RA by looking at the ESR through the blood checking.  It cost RM25 if you ask for it in any path lab.  If the reading is less than 20, you are safe.
Well, when you are with RA, you will ask to take other than nothing, which is the best, steroid which only cost RM0.25 per tablet and can be obtain from pharmacists.  There are some other second class equally drugs out there that you wanted to try which effective for some time.
So, back to the story recently, trying out the traditional ways and kick away the drugs.  Go for the Chinese herbs and long wave chair, not forgetting exercise for at least 30 minutes a day every day.  What happen?  All the uninvited pain and suffering visited you.  It was effective again for some time, two months plus now.
The pain just unbearable as it started from the fingers to your toes except your hair.  You will encounter fever in the night as if you were curse for it at the same time which you need to rest yourself totally, in bed.  The pain felt in all the joints as the pain will spread after a year or two, just as what the information in the internet indicated.  You can barely walk properly even if it is a smooth surface, and more pain on uneven surface.  You will able to go up stair case however without much pain but not when going down, it is the worst thing happen to you as you needed support or you will pain until you fall off the stairs.  Scary?  More to be said when you are sleeping as the pain will follow you whenever you turn, unless you sleep one way only which is impossible.  You can't sit too long or you will be having pain to walk again.  Understand why did not spent time writing this few months as was on the try to cure this RA for the time frame of 3 months.  This is the third attempt, hopefully it will work as it was said again work with others.  The truth will reveal soon.  But just can't stand any more of the pains, so end up taking one steroid at 4.30 am.  Will check how long it will give back my freedom of moving today!
Will continue the story again to see if miracle happen in the last month, really hopefully.

Monday, February 1, 2010

How teachers get involvement in teaching and activities? Care to know? After the dragon boat incident!

How teachers get involve? How do teachers started the career as a teacher?
This will lead to how one of the young brave teacher's fate was determined when he chose to be a teacher.
First, any young teachers will be asked to teach any subjects that the stable seniors don't teach any more.  This is due to the fact that the senior are more reliable in their teaching which are quite true after years of experience. In addition they are not moving (transfer)any where else as they have families or even if not, used to the condition of the schools.  Most people don't like changes especially when the age is catching up. 
Next, the younger ones will be given activities that again the smart senior teachers take their hands off as they realized the danger and the hard work needed to pour in. It's sounds quite reasonable as their age do not permit them to run around like the youngster any more.
So, that's how the dragon boat became the younger teacher's responsibility.  And so on with the other adventurous activities.
As young teachers, you have no say in what you wish or not wish to do.  You just leave your fate to whatever that arrange nicely for you just because you are young.  Young is consider innocent, braver, will do all out and do not realize the danger in return.  Of course, there were some clever ones who rejected but will be penalized in terms of some other way, some how.
As years passed by, a young teacher will became wiser in whatever activities involved. They will then be the senior teachers and will be stable and given trust in works that are suitable and might be according to what they wish at last.
This type of tragedy will usually involved the younger ones, sorry to say that.  Some might not agree, but in most situations in schools, that is what is really happening!  Don't believe, become a teacher!
Teachers are expected to be all rounder and are expected to be able to handle any situation in both teaching and activities.  I was young once and went through the same fate.  Just lucky nothing happen to all of us and we really had a great time as the teachers are just as innocent as the students.
The procedures and precautions don't really play an important role as some students tends to keep it away from their parents by signing on behalf.  No parents would allow their loving children to involve in dangerous activities.  It might work for the girls but not the boys.  The only way is to phone to each and every parent whom their child are involved, just a suggestion.
What can we say and how do we know?  Guess is not a question for any one of us to answer.  It's God's will and we have not much choice just like the young teacher's fate in their given work and responsibilities.  But one thing we are sure to know, is that the young teacher is just like any other young teachers who dare to take up whatever given and work all out for it even if he do not know how to do it.  He is just there to take care the students and to carry out the duty being asked to do so without rejection! 
I wonder if the insurance for young teachers will increase if they realize that actually the teachers' work is just as risky when you are going out for activities with group of students!  Only when you are young!