Monday, April 19, 2010

The A+, A and A- matters for SPM

Well, the first result with new grades are suppose to settle the too many As issue were out.
Did it manage to settle the issue?  No, again.  Why?
There are certain subjects that do not follow the A+ of 90% and above.  Just ask some of the students in schools with good results.  Some of them will tell you that they had never passed the subject in school and yet they still manage to score A or A- if not A+.  As for those with higher marks they scored A+ just like their friends who used to score 90% and above. 
There is one subject however, seemed to follow, which is the Mandarin as the A+ are so few.  One of the school I know with a student scoring A+ out of 400+ students taking.  What is wrong again?  Guess only the one who did it will know better, and the rest of us will just end up being confuse at what ways to implement again, just like the number of subjects allow to take.
Guess that is also another issue that are confusing.  At the moment, the subjects allow are 12 instead of 10 mentioned earlier.
We will see how the scholarships being distribute fairly this time and how many will make the head line of not getting any again!  Hopefully this would not happen again or will it?
Wait and see, soon!