Wednesday, July 13, 2011

old age story

Old age is what people are afraid of mostly, be our parents or any old folks out there:
Some are afraid to die painfully.
Some couldn't face it and plan to make it short by suicide.
Some live poorly each and every day, yet they insist to live.
Some have to live with lots of medicine around and each day.
Some need to go in and out of the hospital frequently, seeing doctors more than their children.
Some try to eat healthily just to hope to live longer or leave peacefully and less pain.
Some were abandon and live in old folk home waiting for time to end.
Some are still on the streets walking around, holding out hands for donations.

However, you can still find:
Some are eager to live longer even though knowing time is near, fighting for life.
Some are eager to live more with sickness at final stage, fighting for recovery.
Some are hoping to recover and live for a little more time hoping for more traveling.
Some are sick but remain positive and able to live which creates miracle to people around them.
Some are taking lots of medicine each and every day, hoping will recover totally one day.
Some are happy that the children are nearer to them when their day are near the end.
Some are relieve that someone still care for them even though they are busy trying to survive each day .
Some take up singing, dancing, cooking, exercise each day to make their life colorful without thinking of ending.

What about you?

Just live each and every day and appreciate the life you have.
For no one knows the end of the day we will have.
A day will still pass whether you are happy or not.
Old and death is the same path everyone needs to face and walk on it bravely, without any more fear.
For you have live your life to the fullest!  Yeah!