Friday, January 1, 2010

Teachers of Heart or Heart of Education?

After X'mas and a short holiday, guess I am on the writing again.  Today's topic is on the teachers.
Teachers of heart in my view are teachers who are responsible and caring or having a heart for the students sake.
However, there were some very rude students who don't really know how to appreciate such teachers.  Usually this will happen with the smarter students who are too proud of themselves.
They tend to compare with their so call excellent tuition teachers whom they paid hansomely.  However, what they don't know is that some of these tuition experst lied to them certain facts as they are on business objective.  They even admire them.  So, do you think they will respect the teachers in schools who areactually very responsible.  For this topic we omit the irresponsible ones in the discussions.  When the results are good, they will convey their thanks to their tuition teachers, but if the result is not good they will blame the school teachers and never to themselves or the tuition teachers.
It is not easy to get good teachers no doubt.  But if you do come across, do respect them as they need motivation as they are human being too.
Being a responsible teacher actually depend on oneself as no one can force them, not even the HM as he/she can't keep an eye all the time on a teacher's work.  This will need the teacher to do whatever that he/she wanted to do for the students.  There is how the heart came in the topic we discuss today.  A teacher also need to be ready,to be hurt by immoral students who never appreciate no matter how much a teacher had sacrificed.
After some time, the teacher's heart is full of cracked lines as was hurt once in a while, but life need to move on.  They tend to be more positive and try to protect from the hurt every year.  Guess that's why teachers needed more holidays to have their heart recover a little and away from all the misery.  As for those not able to cope, they will end up quitting, became crazy or even suicide. 
Well, what I can say is that just do the best you can and forget about the rotten ones as not everybody is perfect.  As long as you have tried and there are some who know what you did is good enough.  Being irresponsible is not the way to avoid the situations.  How good you did will still be commented by someone some how.
In other cases, I had came across some temporary teachers who are only interested in the high pay they get and not doing the work sincerely with heart.  So, those of you who don't use their heart in the teaching, do not become a teacher as this will cause the students became your victims.  As for the irresponsible ones, do have a heart as you are in for it and don't make the students victims of your doing.  As for the students, what you can do are to respect all the teachers so that they will have a heart for you.  People change, so give a chance to your teachers too. Sending a small thanking card will also make the teachers' heart melt away and they need it all the time to heal their hearts.

You can always go for tuitions as extra classes, but do not blame your teachers are not good as it might be you are the ones who who are slow t in the class, or you need second lesson to understand.  Usually when you go for second lesson, you will be better and is not because the tuition teacher is better.
Wish that all the teachers out there will have a heart and the students have hearts on teachers too.  This will make this world a better place to live again!