Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 8days Colon Cleansing Kit experience

There are so many detoxification kit in the market.  I will only go for the product only if someone had tried, guess just a bit afraid of the risk or "kia see".
It was recommended by one of my colleague and after some comments from others who went through the kit as well.  Moreover, I was having some very serious problem in the health and I feel that my body really needed some cleaning to help.
It will take up 8 days to do it.  For those who are still working, I personally feel you are still able to do your job and will not have problems of tiredness.  That was how I felt when I started it.  First 3 days, you will eventually cut down the intake of your normal meal, from 75% to 50% and by the third day 25%.  Then the 5 days will start with the intake of toxin removal, colon cleanser which will need to buy it at around RM300.  You also need 8 to 9 bottles of apple juice or you can make your own, possibly the organic ones.  You can obtained the organic apple juice from the organic store at about RM13 to RM15 per bottle.  Pure water of at least 2.1 liter to 4 liter per day.  I will use the 1.5 liter bottle to make sure that I get at least 2 bottle down everyday.
So, what is the outcome?  Well I managed to remove the mucoid plaque that stuck on the walls of our intestines which was said greatly lowers our ability to absorb nutrition and makes our body much more toxic.  We will need to check it out ourselves of what is out as it was shown to us earlier.  I didn't feel any hunger at all and still managed to do my routine work daily.  Just one problem, you will need to be very disiplin not to get any other food except fruit juice into your body and drink lots of water.  I even managed to attend a very tasteful dinner which of course not enjoy by me but still feeling happy to help my girls to eat it.
After the cleansing, you will also need to take some capsule of supplement and oligo 900 daily for a month to reinforce back what had lost during the cleansing.  You will ask to take the food slowly starting with an apple, brown rice and vegetables in small portion.  I was very happy that I am eating normal again.
I felt better after that and weight gone done to what I think to be the ideal ones.  As for my problem, the cleansing help in lessen my pain.  Guess, I will do it again later.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Star Walk havoc-The Penang StarWalk 2009 -"How they Cheat?"

It is almost year end and Christmas is just around the corner.

There are two runs remain.  One is the Jusco charity run today 12/12/09 and Valdor run 19/12/09 in Penang only.
As for walking, Starwalk will be the grand one every year.
Some of them take part because of health, some due to the paper given and etc.  Whatever reasons, the events will go on as there are more reasons for it.

As for the organizers and the volunteers, it is not an easy job to keep everybody happy as there are some of them who would try to cheat every year.  Maybe it is just for the prizes or being thought by someone who is immoral, or may be they could not win if not by cheating. 

I had seen so many cheating going on.  For example, in StarWalk Penang which was much regretted to say it.  You will see that some of the top three, whether they are girls, boys, women or men who dare not take part in the stadium as they can't walk really fast, but they won in the StarWalk.  They can only run when the official judges are not there and walk only when the official judges looking at them.  You can even hear some of the good ones shouting to the immoral ones, "hey, don't run, you are suppose to walk, don't cheat!".

Please, for goodness sake, the parents, coaches and most of all the runners out there, do something right.  Teach your athletes and children not to cheat in the runs, not just for the prizes.  It is a sin to cheat and take away the prizes that don't belong to you at all.  You also hurt someone who are really walking the right way and who should be taking the trophies.

The trophies you won only remind you what you have done, "Cheating!" every time you look at it.  Do you feel very proud and happy with the prizes that you won and do you really enjoy?  There are someone out there that deserve all the prizes that you won and not you.

Hopefully, this year 2009, and tomorrow, less cheating will be seen.  Hopefully, the official judges will be able to do their job honestly and caught only the ones who runs and not the ones who really walk!
When are they going to learn that winning honestly should be only important lesson and not the prizes or trophies.

SPM havoc

What is wrong nowadays?
Everything seemed to be in the dark.  Politics?  Education?

How many papers should be sitting and which to be counted for SPM or for scholarships?

This is the most annoying question since the last time when they mentioned students will need to sit for 10 papers only.
When everyone was happy and believed that the students no longer will suffer to sit for as many papers with the intention to obtain scholarships or being pick for certain courses, this issue went further in the dark.

Please, for goodness shake, plan and think properly before saying anything.

When the news of 10 subjects announced, many or may be all of the students who attended tuition for extra subjects stopped immediately.  That was in the early of the year, now is the end of the year and again arise the issue of certain subjects not counted.  What do you think the students will feel?  Panic, anxious of course as a year already over.  What do you think the students plan to do?  To take up the subjects that they had dropped once and learn in a year just because of some bad decision making earlier.

Pity the students who are in the middle of the changes.
What can they do?  Nothing, just waiting for the fate to be twisted again.
My girl asked again the same question since she asked the first time in standard 5, "Why are we always the guinea pigs ?".

When all this will end?  Hopefully we will wait for another month?  Or may be earlier, that is all we can do. 
Hopefully all this will end well. Hopefully I hope not to hear from my girls that "Why can't they fixed properly and why we are the one again to bear the changes?" "Can't I sit peacefully for the exams whenever is my turn?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

STPM & SPM students in Malaysia

Good luck to all of you who are sitting for the papers.

This is the time all of you are waiting for after all the hard work.

Try your very best and take care your health as well.

You can if you want,
you can't if you don't.
So do it, and you will.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6RK1/RK2,2009CLB help

Dear students,

Please sent in your problems to the blog during holidays for help.

I will reply within 24 to 48 hours.  Please click on the title on the right, under previous post whenever you need to sent your questions.

Good day!

Monday, October 12, 2009

More states trial papers for SPM 2009

SPM Malacca Trial 2009 : SPM Melaka 2009

SPM Malacca Trial 2009

Percubaan SPM Melaka 2009
(semua kertas digabung dan disertakan skema )
(all papers included and combined scheme)
Add Mathematics
Pendidikan Islam
Pendidikan Moral
(Semua fail dalam format pdf adobe acrobat version 6.0 standard)
(All files in pdf format Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 standard)

STPM Time Table 2009

This is STPM Time Table 2009
jadual waktu stpm 2009.pdf

more papers links for PMR, SPM

links to STPM papers found (very helpful and convenient)

 KEDAH STPM Trial papers links:
Paper 1 PA kedah 1.pdf
Paper 2 PA kedah 2.pdf
Answer Scheme PA kedah (answer).pdf
Paper 1 (math S / Math T) MAT kedah 1.pdf
Paper 2 (Math T) MAT kedah 2.pdf
Paper 1 CHE Kedah 1.pdf
Paper 2 CHE kedah 2.pdf
Paper 1 PHY Kedah 1.pdf
Paper 2 PHY Kedah 2.pdf
paper 1 BIO Kedah 1.pdf
paper 2 BIO Kedah 2.pdf
Source: Cari Chinese Forum, shared by idontwant2b
KL Trial Paper Pack
Source: Cari Chinese Forum shared by HeAvEnHeLl-彬
Another SkyDrive link, STPM Trial packed by winnie
Source: Chinese Cari Forum
By winnie also, sort by subjects
Source:Chinese Cari Forum
Pahang Trial Paper [mediafire link]
Source: Chinese Cari Forum, shared by jenyeh90
Below are some random links found on a blog
Johor PA1
Johor PA2
pahang chemi1
pahang chemi
Perlis PA1
Perlis PA2
JIt Sin PA
Jit Sin PA2
St Joseph PA1
St Joseph PA2
Jit Sin PA1
Jit Sin PA2
Jit Sin Maths1
Jit Sin Maths2

PA Help websites:

On behalf, Thanks to all the contributors!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Body Odour help

Problem of body odour? Frustrating, anxiety, uncomfortable.

Do read up the problem of the cause at the link on the right!
Deodorants is not a permanent solution, it only acts as a mask.
Use antiperspirants which has the ability to reduce the amount of sweating produces, and use regularly is one of the suggestive measures.

Now, there is a roll-ons that having both deodorants and antiperspirants that will help you to free for a day from the problem.  It's an international brand and can help to maintain fresh for a day.

No more worries of smell if you follow the suggestive measures and use the product.

Many had tried and solve the problem.
Please contact 012-4891178 or sms for further details.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wish to earn higher interest and a risk taker

Now you can have a choice of investment with higher yield or interest than bank(FD) at the level of risk you chose.

If you have the intention, please don't hesitate to contact fast at:

012-4891178 for free advise on investment!

Beautiful with free in a short time!

Yes, you can be beautiful if you are female and wish to:

a.  Attend a free course of facial cleaning and make-up with international branded cosmetics (zero charges).
b.  Get a group of 6 (friends, relatives, family members) to join you (at least 6) for more fun.You will be given a free gift for the effort.

c.  Have it at your home, or we will arrange a place (Penang only).

 Learning to be beautiful is equally important as being smart. 
 Not everything is free but this is absolutely free.  You just need to find a time for it!
Just contact the number 012-489 1178 for booking in advance (subject to the dates and time arrangement).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Syllabus-Perakaunan STPM

Kertas I :  3 Jam (Jawab 4 daripad 6 soalan, Soalan 1 wajib dijawab)
Perakaunan Kewangan:
S1 :  Nisbah-nisbah Penyata Kewangan dan komen, Doktrin-doktrin dan teori-teori perakaunan.
S2 - S6:
Rekod Tak Lengkap, Kelab, Koperasi, Syarikat (PSPD, Terbitan dan Tebusan Saham), Perkongsian(Rakan baru masuk dan rakan lama bersara), Pelupusan Aset Tetap dan Inventori, Pembetulan Kesilapan.

Kertas II:  3 Jam (Jawab 4 daripad 6 soalan, Soalan 1 wajib dijawab)

Perakaunan Pengurusan:
S1 : Ciri-ciri kawalan dalaman; Jenis-jenis kos(kos prima, kos pertukaran, kos tempoh, kos keluaran, kos langsung, kos tak langsung); komputer
S2 - S6 :
Titik Pulang Modal; Pengekosan Kerja, Belanjawan dan kawalan Belanjawan; Belanjawan Modal; Pengekosan Proses, varians, Pembuatan Keputusan (Relevan, buat beli, pesanan khas, tutup jabatan, faktor terhad), Pengekosan Serapan dan Marginal, Kuantiti Pesanan Ekonomi (EOQ).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Exam season

At this almost ending school term, students are busy with exams and teachers are also busy helping to do more revision. One of the ways is to let the students to do more exercises which come from other schools. There are always lots of papers out there for PMR, SPM and also STPM. However, not all the subjects will be available especially accounting papers for STPM. Thus, this blog with the purpose of gathering the papers from every corner, and with the hope of helping others especially our dear students.  The other papers will be highlighted as well or the links to it.
As the blog just started off recently and still need some time to improve, I sincerely hope that this will be in time for the STPM students this year.
Later, the SPM and PMR will be on as well. Good luck to all of the students who will be sitting for SPM and STPM this year!