Monday, May 23, 2011

Form 6 Accounting

Most students should be afraid of Accounting in Form 6. 
This statement is not to scare the students but to inform that you should be well prepared to work harder and have intention to love accounting. You should go for it whether you did score A+ for Accounting Principles or have no basic at all provided you are willing to work for it. 
What about those failed before in form 5?  Well, you have tried and fail to do it.  The advice is not to go for it again unless you had never try to study in form 5 at all.  Or it just show that subject is not for you as it is consider very very easy in Form 5 compare to Form 6 which is much tougher.  Since you still fail, then you might fail or just pass.  I had seen students with not so good results around B or worse will had a hard time to do it well again, only manage to pass.
So, what is the difference between the two forms.  Form 5 questions are very straight forward and very much similar to what you are learning and practicing.  However, Form 6 questions in the other way, twist and turn, and it really test if you know your concept well.  You might get one or two similar questions some times if you are lucky.  Most of the time, you are not.
Many fail and a handful score A+.
How to score accounting?
Well, understanding and ability to apply concept will be a strong point to score well.  Working hard or just doing lot of questions is not going to help if you don't really understand and just trial and error. 
Paper 1 will be testing on financial accounting and the questions are the one twisted and kept changing all the time. 
Paper 2 will test on Management Accounting and management Costing which are quite straight forward and easier if you know the concept well. 
You will need to answer 4 questions out of 6 with compulsory on number 1.
Make sure you ask lots of questions that you don't understand and make sure you are well clear and able to apply the concept no matter what type of questions are out.
Never copy answers or audit answer and assume you understand.  You will need to do it without referring to answers as to see what type of wrong thinking you have.  Whenever you are confuse, just check with the concept you have learn and if you are following, then you don't have to worry and just finish answering and not half way through.
Why Accounting is consider a tough subject? 
Because it is a professional subject, and not anyone will make it as there are standards to follow.
Some students who scored A+ gave up as they know the tough side of this subject, what about you?
However, those who did not score A+, kept on their dream and managed to be an accountant.  So, it will definitely depend on individuals what they really want and how far they dare to go for it.