Monday, April 25, 2011

Heart of Education or unjustice heart

Talk about heart of education previously and getting some feedback about it from individuals involved.
It seemed that the heart just goes to the students and fabulous results only for individual interest.
Who else needed the heart?  Of course the teachers, as claimed to be the root of all the success, if not who else?  The head nor the students alone can be excellent on their own, can they?
Teachers felt they were being used to deliver what the head & companies wishes, and in return they omitted teachers' importance in terms of taking care of the teachers' promotions and not aware of teachers' hardship, teachers' wellness, and what ever in favor to teachers.
Their heart, ears and eyes are for the students only and them selves. 
So, heart of education is not just referring to how much teachers should put in towards their students, but they, teachers, as human being needed motivation, care and understanding, and most of all, a warm heart for their sacrifices from the head. 
Never talk about heart of education if one do not know how to take care his or her sacrifice teachers as they are the one to determine all the outcome, the flying colors results and the moral of students.
Guess there are actually two hearts in the education, one should goes to the teachers and the other one to the students.  Hope all the heads will get the message as taking care the heart of teachers will motivate teachers in putting their heart to the students as well.  All this will make a world a better place to live as love are for all and not meant for the students only. 
A question the head should realize, "Why the teachers are not putting their hearts towards their students?"
How many will realize this after all.  Loves to each other make a better place to live.  What about the heart of education, should it be from the teachers to the students only and what type of heart the head and admins towards them?  A cold heart or a warm heart?