Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wish to earn higher interest and a risk taker

Now you can have a choice of investment with higher yield or interest than bank(FD) at the level of risk you chose.

If you have the intention, please don't hesitate to contact fast at:

012-4891178 for free advise on investment!

Beautiful with free in a short time!

Yes, you can be beautiful if you are female and wish to:

a.  Attend a free course of facial cleaning and make-up with international branded cosmetics (zero charges).
b.  Get a group of 6 (friends, relatives, family members) to join you (at least 6) for more fun.You will be given a free gift for the effort.

c.  Have it at your home, or we will arrange a place (Penang only).

 Learning to be beautiful is equally important as being smart. 
 Not everything is free but this is absolutely free.  You just need to find a time for it!
Just contact the number 012-489 1178 for booking in advance (subject to the dates and time arrangement).