Monday, May 6, 2013

Penggal 3 PBS

I am in the midst of doing PBS (16.67%) which consist of learning :
a)  an accounting software and  the marking scheme in the reports and
b)  budgeting accounts in Excel

The accounting software to introduce will be UBS.
There is notes for those who wish to follow using assignment 7 in the work book 2011 edition.
If there are any questions or help needed, do say so.

Besides the PBS, you will still need to know and learn 5 topics to sit for a one hour paper, answering 2 questions only with 16.67%.
You will need to install the software first and having the assignment 7 as well.
You can obtained it at RM35 from UBS in KL.

ubs notes - HDC from BW Penang

Also available the calender of the exam information, papers and etc from MPM:

Wind of Change

Warren Buffet once said, "You can be rich through the right way".  That was in finance.
In political, I would like to say, "You can be elected through the right way too".
A tribe has spoken. It wasn't a tsunami yet but it will be if the wrong way still continues.
New generation are more outspoken now and more sensitive to the political issues.
If you can't perform, let others do it.
Turnaround will only happen if there is another better way or hope.
More people will realize what are you doing and what you are suppose to do.
No one wants the wrong way.  You can win now, but you can lose later too.
It just a matter of time.
The evil will always at the losing end.
No change no hope.
Change is a hope to all.