Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 8days Colon Cleansing Kit experience

There are so many detoxification kit in the market.  I will only go for the product only if someone had tried, guess just a bit afraid of the risk or "kia see".
It was recommended by one of my colleague and after some comments from others who went through the kit as well.  Moreover, I was having some very serious problem in the health and I feel that my body really needed some cleaning to help.
It will take up 8 days to do it.  For those who are still working, I personally feel you are still able to do your job and will not have problems of tiredness.  That was how I felt when I started it.  First 3 days, you will eventually cut down the intake of your normal meal, from 75% to 50% and by the third day 25%.  Then the 5 days will start with the intake of toxin removal, colon cleanser which will need to buy it at around RM300.  You also need 8 to 9 bottles of apple juice or you can make your own, possibly the organic ones.  You can obtained the organic apple juice from the organic store at about RM13 to RM15 per bottle.  Pure water of at least 2.1 liter to 4 liter per day.  I will use the 1.5 liter bottle to make sure that I get at least 2 bottle down everyday.
So, what is the outcome?  Well I managed to remove the mucoid plaque that stuck on the walls of our intestines which was said greatly lowers our ability to absorb nutrition and makes our body much more toxic.  We will need to check it out ourselves of what is out as it was shown to us earlier.  I didn't feel any hunger at all and still managed to do my routine work daily.  Just one problem, you will need to be very disiplin not to get any other food except fruit juice into your body and drink lots of water.  I even managed to attend a very tasteful dinner which of course not enjoy by me but still feeling happy to help my girls to eat it.
After the cleansing, you will also need to take some capsule of supplement and oligo 900 daily for a month to reinforce back what had lost during the cleansing.  You will ask to take the food slowly starting with an apple, brown rice and vegetables in small portion.  I was very happy that I am eating normal again.
I felt better after that and weight gone done to what I think to be the ideal ones.  As for my problem, the cleansing help in lessen my pain.  Guess, I will do it again later.