Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teachers' Day dilemma

Teachers' day which falls on 16th May every year, as usual did not bring much joy to teachers.  This is the day where teachers are ask to pay RM3 each without knowing where the money are spent to.  Even reluctant to pay, yet the teachers still pay as do not want to be consider as against the Head of school and district/state.  This year seemed worst as the teachers are order to have 'gotong royong' with good intention but do you think is  a joy to teachers?  Teachers are expecting to be pampered, rest and not asking to work again on weekends.  Teachers nowadays need to work six days a week when the other government servants are working five days a week.  Even though, the 'gotong royong' was said to be voluntary after getting lots of complaint, yet the school still carry out to please someone.  The good intention of the activities was said to draw closer all the races which falls on a not so suitable time.  Why?  This is because teachers need to rest too and the examination is just around the corner. Of course, the best reason is hey, it's teachers' day and not working day and it's Saturday! There will be again many absentees who also reluctant to carry out the good intention, how the good intention will turn out will be a question mark! Thus, the good intention just not going to work well as was fall on the wrong day and wrong timing.  Any way, my girls also complaint that how many 'gotong royong' going to be as they had had a few earlier and the exam is just next week.  The students also plan not to present but teachers still need to attend.
Hopefully, next year no more other types of good intention will again plan for the teachers.  A rest day will make the teachers so much happier, and please do not spoil it with some very good ideas.  How the weekends are used up for teachers?  Well, besides meeting, courses are to be attended, activities in schools or in district and states are to be done by teachers, who else?  Teachers had a hard time to look for weekends to fulfill the 7 days upgrade courses as almost every weekend some activities are on.  The courses are plan until Oct as could not fit in any earlier weekend.
Sad to say that some of the courses had nothing to do with the teaching and was just to fulfill the 7 days.  Courses are not available or if have are limited to a handful of teachers.  Learning is not to be forced or it will not be successful as teachers attended, just sitting around and can't focus as it's against their will.  On the other hand, the elder teachers are not encourage to further studies after 40s in masters and PhD with scholarships, as it was meant for the under 40s.  The system is not working as those who wish to further studies were not encourage and 7 days courses are not upgrading the teachers but only caused the teachers felt upset and tired.
Again, hopefully no more so call good intentions for teachers on weekends in the years to come.  As for the RM3, the KPPK or the one representing the teachers should raise up the rational behind it.  Looks like, other people are enjoying the meal which are being paid by the reluctant and angry teachers every year!  What a pity tale to be told during teachers' day!