Monday, July 11, 2011

Ambiga's wishlist

Bersih 2.0, as the organisation has branded itself for the 2011 rally, is chaired by former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan. Ambiga served as president of the Bar from 2007 to 2009 and is a recipient of the U.S. State Department's International Women of Courage Awards.

Ambiga has summed up the main issues raised by the organisation she leads as "unhappiness... in the Sarawak [election], unhappiness about corruption, [and] unhappiness about the independence of our institutions."[25] She said demands made during the first rally in 2007 have not been addressed, hence the follow-up rally.[20]
The communiqué issued by Bersih issued in 2007 called for reforms to Malaysia's first past the post electoral system, ensuring the independence of the Election Commission (EC), eliminating electoral practices deemed unfair to opposition candidates, eliminating corrupt campaign practices, equal access to the media for all political parties, and instituting a caretaker government during election periods, among others in the long term.[26] It also asked for immediate action to introduce indelible ink to prevent multiple voting, the abolition of postal votes, a complete revision of the electoral roll and equal access to state-owned media for all political parties.

Be Heard & wanted change - Bersih

Their objective is to be heard of a fair way of election, that's what the 'Bersih' wants and aims.
If the government is willing to be open and listen to the view, no rally would be held, would it?
The view was not being taken into consideration since 2007, that's why the rally need to be done as to show what their objective is!
A fair and free election!!
Is not too much,
is needed and
is supported as is what the rakyat wants.
Because it is what you call 'demokrasi'.
The world is full of unfairness, but we need to cut down most of it if not all.
This is one of the voice, so listen!!

No one wants rally, or anything that will make the country worsen.
But if there are no options given, then something needs to be done!
And it really take lots of courage and sacrifices to.....
Voice up!
Be Heard!
Be sensitive to the wants!
Be FAIR in your doings!
That's what all of us want!
Don't turn away their voice as it will be picked up by someone against you, definitely, whether they are taking advantage or not!  
If you think there are silent supporters,
There are silent oppositions too, out there!  Watching closely!
When things went too wrong,
People will fight for it!
If not, who do not want PEACE!
No one wish to do this unless there is something wrong, some where?
Some party might take advantage, just as you know, but if you do not bother, what you expect the fair ones to do? To turn to?
Do you think once the country's economic situation is improved and household incomes are increased, Malaysians would be happier and the BN government would receive more support. Yes, they will, if there is a fair and transparent election to go with it! 
Do you think by hoping to or just make them keep quite again by scary tales will turn them away?  No, they will never let it be, knowing the unfairness are there, taking all the risks, as they are fighting for truth, nothing but the truth! 

Thus, no options, no chance to be heard.  Only the united group walking in the street will pull their attention, don't you think it is so effective?
That's why we can see all types of rally in our world, as they are refuse to be heard, so they need to act to be heard!!
So, let's open up your arms and listen.

We have a youth voice up previously!
Now, we have a group voice up recently!
What next?

Do you need the whole world to act to make you listen!
Don't let situation gone out of hands!
Don't regret when it's too late!
Don't destroy a country just build up using unfairness!
Because it is very unfair to the people in it!
FAIR is what everyone wants and a country need to stay in PEACE thru fairness.
Don't put our country on the list of disturb or problem countries!