Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scholarship Realities and Cinderella scholarship

Scholarships in Malaysia - a Cinderella dream for top scorers
We had seen how the Cinderella dream came true for Kate.
The scholarships in Malaysia is yet another C dream for Malaysian top scorers to realize their dream.
What do you need to do to achieve this type of dream, actually?
Just concentrate on your studies and obtained 11 A+, 10A+ and 9A+ to at least have some chances.  Again, not all will get as the measurement for it kept changing from year to year.  When you get it, you are consider very lucky. 

You don't need to spend too much time on co-curriculum as it serve no purpose at all as they are not considering at all.  They always said sports is important, but they never say, we don't look at sport when come to scholarships.  A pity statement to highlight, but that is nothing but the truth.  So much pushing in that statement making the students all rush to the running events held every year, just to get a certificate of participation and for those good ones, to get a better 'cemerlang' cert of no use.

A proof of it is a girl with 8A+ and 2As with excellent performance in sports, representing states and received awards for zones and winning so many champions in so many running events since primary until secondary; a blackbelt holder in Taekwando; an advance diploma holder in piano performance, failed to get oversea scholarship or twinning scholarship.  She only managed to get the matriculation and local university scholarship which is also depending on certain criteria.  She is also being consider have some luck than some of them who did not get it at all.  Not any party in the politic could help her as she is consider far away from the 11, 10 and 9 A+ who are not actively involved in sports.  Everyone around her said, you sure to get, you are so excellent in academics and non academics.  Even the HM, her friends, teachers, relatives, beside her family members believed that she will never miss it, yet she was missed as the JPA don't know her, just that simple!  An all rounder, they said couldn't even get it, what is so very wrong!  Not many are like her, to be good in both.  Usually the sports girls or boys don't do that well.  However, her fate just faded like them.

This is the reality in Malaysia for those who wish to obtain schorlarships.  Just concentrate on studies if you can and obtain 9As and above.  Don't waste time like the pity girl who thought she stands a better chance even though with 10As, fulfilling 8A+, and representing using up lots of her time in something that did not help her to gain scholarship.  She only learnt that life is hard in Malaysia, you have to be extra on everything and yet the chances of getting it is zero or very slim!  This is the cruel side of life you need to face.

There were some even try manipulating to grab the scholarship by putting in some certificates of participation, lower salary and many more.  No one knows except the God and you!  There will be some rich ones to compete with the poor/middle ones who will not be able to sent their children overseas unless getting a huge loans.  Not many will dare to take the move as you will need to repay back with interest. 

What can we do about it?  Nothing at all or nothing much.  May be a bit of complaint here and there.  The best is to have your own money to send your child overseas if you are capable.  No need to think about this problem if you are rich.  Pity to those who are not capable and will need to rely totally on this!  It is a sad world after all.  However, we will need to pick up ourselves again even though dissapointed and move forward again, hoping for the best to happen!

Guess, that's the only way we have to do to protect ourselves from the hurt and frustration that exist again and again to many of our poor boys and girls who are indeed excellent every year! This will surely make the brain drain even worst, maybe!  This will open up their eyes in the chances they will face even more in future.

May God bless them with the uneven treatment they have to receive and be strong for there is always a chance.  Don't give up on yourself and just move on, on this very uneven road we are facing as we will be even stronger with all the falls. We just need to stand up and move again. Anyway, you have gain something from being active, you gain friendship, learn to social, learn to adjust yourself in new environment, learning discipline, learn to appreciate and live your life to the fullest compare to others who did nothing but studying.  You are an all rounder hard to find and everybody admire you.  Because not everyone can be an all rounder person and can't be made.  You are special and only the people who knows you know better.  Too bad just some party(JPA) don't see it.

As for those lucky ones, just appreciate what you have gained and not asking for even better ones!