Saturday, December 12, 2009

Star Walk havoc-The Penang StarWalk 2009 -"How they Cheat?"

It is almost year end and Christmas is just around the corner.

There are two runs remain.  One is the Jusco charity run today 12/12/09 and Valdor run 19/12/09 in Penang only.
As for walking, Starwalk will be the grand one every year.
Some of them take part because of health, some due to the paper given and etc.  Whatever reasons, the events will go on as there are more reasons for it.

As for the organizers and the volunteers, it is not an easy job to keep everybody happy as there are some of them who would try to cheat every year.  Maybe it is just for the prizes or being thought by someone who is immoral, or may be they could not win if not by cheating. 

I had seen so many cheating going on.  For example, in StarWalk Penang which was much regretted to say it.  You will see that some of the top three, whether they are girls, boys, women or men who dare not take part in the stadium as they can't walk really fast, but they won in the StarWalk.  They can only run when the official judges are not there and walk only when the official judges looking at them.  You can even hear some of the good ones shouting to the immoral ones, "hey, don't run, you are suppose to walk, don't cheat!".

Please, for goodness sake, the parents, coaches and most of all the runners out there, do something right.  Teach your athletes and children not to cheat in the runs, not just for the prizes.  It is a sin to cheat and take away the prizes that don't belong to you at all.  You also hurt someone who are really walking the right way and who should be taking the trophies.

The trophies you won only remind you what you have done, "Cheating!" every time you look at it.  Do you feel very proud and happy with the prizes that you won and do you really enjoy?  There are someone out there that deserve all the prizes that you won and not you.

Hopefully, this year 2009, and tomorrow, less cheating will be seen.  Hopefully, the official judges will be able to do their job honestly and caught only the ones who runs and not the ones who really walk!
When are they going to learn that winning honestly should be only important lesson and not the prizes or trophies.