Saturday, December 12, 2009

SPM havoc

What is wrong nowadays?
Everything seemed to be in the dark.  Politics?  Education?

How many papers should be sitting and which to be counted for SPM or for scholarships?

This is the most annoying question since the last time when they mentioned students will need to sit for 10 papers only.
When everyone was happy and believed that the students no longer will suffer to sit for as many papers with the intention to obtain scholarships or being pick for certain courses, this issue went further in the dark.

Please, for goodness shake, plan and think properly before saying anything.

When the news of 10 subjects announced, many or may be all of the students who attended tuition for extra subjects stopped immediately.  That was in the early of the year, now is the end of the year and again arise the issue of certain subjects not counted.  What do you think the students will feel?  Panic, anxious of course as a year already over.  What do you think the students plan to do?  To take up the subjects that they had dropped once and learn in a year just because of some bad decision making earlier.

Pity the students who are in the middle of the changes.
What can they do?  Nothing, just waiting for the fate to be twisted again.
My girl asked again the same question since she asked the first time in standard 5, "Why are we always the guinea pigs ?".

When all this will end?  Hopefully we will wait for another month?  Or may be earlier, that is all we can do. 
Hopefully all this will end well. Hopefully I hope not to hear from my girls that "Why can't they fixed properly and why we are the one again to bear the changes?" "Can't I sit peacefully for the exams whenever is my turn?