Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lower six joining the upper six soon!

It will be on the 10th of May, Monday.
A student approached me last week to find out what to prepare as he will be away in the NS.  I am glad we still have this type of students who care about what they are going to miss for about a month.  I passed to him some notes and exercises gladly.  So we will see if he really care when he is back later, that will be around after June holidays.
Anyway, the student highlighted what he wishes to take and I noticed he was quite reluctant to take up Maths S as he mentioned not scoring well in SPM.
Guess many of the students thought and did that every year.  However, do you all know that you will need to take up maths in university whether you are taking accounting path or the business management path.  I have seen students suffer in this subjects (there are two, compulsory to take) and scored low such as C and D or worst.  As for students who learnt up the Maths in form 6 like me, managed to score A easily as the level is the same as form 6 and so much easier as limited topic and questions.
So, do take up the Maths in F6 as you will take again in U (especially Arts stream).  Either "senang senang dahulu, and susah kemudian" or the other way around.  Make your choice wisely!