Saturday, March 6, 2010

My own Experience on RA night mare cont..... -Rheumatoid Arthritis

Story of RA continue.  It was the worst attacked after end of 2008.  The pain is so much with the swollen and fever every night causing no work can be accomplished.  Time to rest more.
Later, getting the Chinese herbs previously given but not taken due to CNY.  Also try on another new product which cost RM138 in market with the name of Intra.  The night seemed to be better, at least the sleep is not disturb and the pain is so much less.  However, not sure which one is helping but why bother as long as the pain is not there so much.  Still having stiffness in the morning.  The swollen still stay, so need to do something about it.
So far, have been trying other product other than the western medicine such as the Alpha Lipid which cost RM180 in market; the Chini product of Chinese herbs with the long wave magnetic chair and Chinese herbs which is really expensive and needed more timing;  and the recent product is Intra the fruit juice which is so much easier even though expensive.  However, none cure the swollen, just ease down the pain which is good enough for me at the moment. Well, end up dig out some of the previous western medicine kept as need to keep the swollen at bay.  Taken one tablet of diciofenac sodium for swollen purpose, later will take 5 tablets of methotrexate sodium to stop it.  All these medicine was used earlier for RA and also mentioned in a magazine(long life) which help me to take it.  The article was a good one as it detailed out the problem and what will you encounter in the coming years.  Guess will photostat and distribute to people that need to know.

Let's look at what is in the article I mentioned above.  It was in mandarin by Dr. Gun Suk Chyn regarding burden of RA & advances in treatment of RA in Malaysia.  The reason to the RA cause are first, immune system problem.  Secondly, abnormal immune system attacking own healthy tissue and parts as it treat it as the enemy.  The redness and pain was cause by the attacking of immune system to the synovium tissue.  This will cause the abnormal synovitis grow and unusual divided, thus causing abnormal shape and position moving away which in long term cause paralyse. It will also weaken and damaged the soft bone and the flesh, muscles around.  So, RA can cause paralyse in future as all the joint will be in odd shape and can't function in normal.  Even the normal routine such as holding the spoon, tooth brush or comb.  It's quite true as went through the experience when the stiffness occurred in the morning for a short time.
The age for RA is for those between 30 to 60, previously it was said 40 and above.  Looks like the younger people will be getting it too now.  Women are said to be more than men and the ratio is 3:1.  It was mentioned that the first two years, 50% will encounter tighten fingers and stuck together.  After 10 years, 50% will be paralyse.  You will also die earlier, 10years earlier for women and 4 years for men.
The symptoms are pain, swollen, felt feverish at the joint, having fever, lost of weight and tiredness.  Usually it will affect a pair of organ in the body such as the palms, the legs, the knees and the wrist, especially the hand and legs small joints.
What you will encounter in your life after RA?  Well, less work day, always on MC, earlier retirement, having economic problem, lost your job and depression.  There are people who have RA due to genetic cause call HLA-DR4 and will pass to generation.
Medicine use usually Nsaids for pains. For swollen will need paracetamol, acetaminophen, priroxicam, dicofenac, ketoprofen, celecoxib and etoricoxib.  As for slowing down the RA, use Glucocor-Ticoids and Prednisone and especially when attack is ativated.  Other choice, taking Methotrexate.  It was said taking Anti-TNF-ALFA such as Adalimumab and Etanercept Infliximab will help to stop the joint from damage.
If RA not treated properly, it will cause paralyse earlier.  Another bad news, it cannot be cured, but needed to stop the swollen, pain, slow down the proses of damaging to the joints.  Even if the sign of RA not obvious, the RA will still attacked silently, your joints!

Hopefully, the knowledge regarding RA is clear.  However, how to avoid RA was not mentioned.  But the reason to it in my experience is not to let your immune system weaken.  Some said usually RA happens after surgery, when you are very weak(such as after abortion or serious sickness) or even depression which means your immune system also weaken. 
So, we will need to make sure our immune system not weaken or we will need to face the worst of all, RA! Guess people without RA will need to be happier and make sure their immune system are strong most of the time if wish to avoid RA nightmare.  Some said go for meditation, yoga and be more positive in your life or enjoy your life to kick away all the stress nowadays. All the best to the ones without RA!